Uber Shooting Victim Who Doctors Thought Was Brain Dead Walks Again

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Uber Shooting Victim Who Doctors Thought Was Brain Dead Walks Again

Abigail Kopf,14, was outside a restaurant near Kalamazoo on February 20 when she was shot in the head the deadly rampage by an Uber driver in Michigan last month, the teen who doctors initially declared dead following has walked for the first time.

Doctors initially said she hadn’t survived and already called a time of death preparing her body to have her organs donated afterwards.
But, seven hours after arriving at the hospital, she squeezing her mother’s hand revealing that she was still lived.
11 days after the attack, her parents revealed she opened her eyes for the first time and was able to make her first steps with assistance.
They also told the Battle Creek Enquirer, a newspaper, that she had also stroked the hair of a nurse and said she may not suffer any lasting affects with a little rehab.
Her mother, Vicki Kopf told the newspaper that shortly after she arrived at the intensive care unit, Abigail coded. After that, doctors said she wasn’t there, but the girl’s mother insisted she still was.

‘She actually coded, and at that point, she had no pulse and her heart stopped,’ Vicki said. ‘And as they were pumping and doing their thing, it got even more surreal and again, the horror just got worse.
‘And I ended up screaming “stop” because I couldn’t take it any longer. And Gene couldn’t take it any longer.’

When doctors called time of death, staff moved out of the room. Vicki put her hand on Abigail’s chest and could feel her heart pumping. She then told a nurse that she could feel her daughter breathing, but doctors were still skeptical.
Then, seven hours later, the girl wrapped her finger around her mother’s thumb and grasped her hand.
Doctors had told her that twitching was common as patients faded away. Vicki tried again, this time telling her to squeeze her hand if she could hear.
Abigail’s fingers intertwined with her mother’s, forcing Vicki to pull away her hand in shock.
Abigail underwent brain surgery that night. Medical staff say the shattering of her skull may have allowed the brain to swell, potentially saving her life.
Her parents updated her status on a GoFundMe page for the youngster on Thursday, which has so far raised more than $35,000 to cover her medical expenses.


Source: Daily Mail Online

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