Corrupt NYPD Cop Launches Cigar Line With Drug Dealer Blog

Corrupt NYPD Cop Launches Cigar Line With Drug Dealer

Former Police officer Michael Dowd, 55, infamously known as ‘NYPD’s most corrupt cop’ after spending 12 years in prison for leading a ring of extorting, drug-pushing, money-laundering police in Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct has teamed up with a drug dealer, Adam Daiz, he was in business with to launch a cigar line named after the Brooklyn precinct they disgraced.
The cigars are from the Dominican Republic under the brand name The Seven Five, after Dowd’s old precinct.

Diaz, a drug impresario, now resides in Dominican Republic after a serving a prison sentence in the US. The cigars’ brands feature the men’s names along with a photo of Diaz and a silhouette of Dowd in uniform.
The wooden boxes carry the sentences: ‘Nobody can touch me. Nobody can touch my crew,’ and ‘The King of Brooklyn.’ The Seven Five is also the title of a crime documentary on Dowd’s ring directed by Tiller Russell.

Joe Hall, a former detective in the precinct, said: ‘It’s a disgrace that he’s in business with a drug dealer. ‘But that’s probably the only friend that he has. Drug dealers will probably be the ones who buy these cigars.’

The cigars are produced by the Dominican company Tabacalera Palma and available at the LI Tobacco Outlet in Ronkonkoma, LI. However, the store’s owner, Fred Udle, 51, told The New York Post that he had decided not to reorder the cigars once they sell out.

‘I’m close friends with a lot of my customers, and they are like family, and it upset them,’ he explained.
‘I thought it would be great publicity for my shop, but I understand why the cops don’t like him.’

Udle said the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association called him saying cops would boycott the store.
Spanning across the eight of the ten and a half years during which Dowd was an NYPD cop he lived a life of escalating crime and excess. He shook down dealers, he took protection money from drug lords, he planned and par took in armed robberies, he stole from crime scenes – money and drugs – and ultimately he trafficked and dealt drugs himself.
He spent so lavishly, owning four properties and a condo in Florida, took trips to Atlantic City and drove a brand new red Corvette to work. It surprised even him that he got away with it for so long.
And when he was busted in May 1992 and the truth came out in the open, outrage over his behavior was intensified by the fact that it wasn’t the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau that finally put a stop to him, but Suffolk County Police who caught him in their own undercover drug sting.

Source; DailyMail Online

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