Check out this New Online TV Station ‘MON AFRIK TV’ promises to Deliver world-class, African Entertainment Content Blog

Check out this New Online TV Station ‘MON AFRIK TV’ promises to Deliver world-class, African Entertainment Content


It is not news that in this generation, the internet has become the hub of information and entertainment for billions of people all over the world. With the huge effect and influence of social media and smart phones, content providers and major companies have turned their attention to the internet for direct connection with consumers.

One of such people taking a huge piece of that pie is multi-talented, award winning filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan. Together with his business partner and award winning actress, Stella Damasus, have just launched the test transmission phase of their online television station MON AFRIK TV.

According to Daniel Ademinokan, “MON AFRIK TV” is here to deliver world-class, premium entertainment content from and about Africa to the world. Africa has often been represented as a dark, isolated continent. Yes, Africa has issues, just like every other continent but there is more to us than starving children, gun wielding terrorists, arid lands and dilapidated buildings in remote villages. We have beautiful cultures, a vibrant entertainment industry and entertainers who have conquered the world on many levels and we want to showcase that to the world! The beauty of this is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANY SUBSCRIPTION FEE, NO RESTRICTIONS and NO LIMITATIONS. Just get on the internet wherever you are on the planet and watch great entertainment. It’s as simple as that. Daniel Ademinokan is definitely solidifying his place, not just as a film producer and director but as a successful Media Mogul.


MON AFRIK TV is available to everyone all over the world as long as they have access to a phone, tablet or computer and can access the internet. Again, there is no subscription fee, no limitations and no restrictions. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. You can watch latest music videos from all over Africa, artist showcase, TV Scripted Drama series, documentaries, fashion, movies, lifestyle, reality shows, travel, food and a whole lot more.

MON AFRIK TV is set to launch officially in January 2016 but right now they are in their test transmission phase and anybody can go to the website and watch LIVE TV.

 “We see no reason why a struggling producer who could barely afford to raise the capital to make his/her TV show should also look for money to pay the TV stations for airtime before the world can see his/her content. After that, they have  to convince brands to place adverts on the show before he/she can start making any money. That is extremely discouraging for independent producers. 

MON AFRIK TV is creating a platform where producers can showcase their works to the world and make good money for themselves without having to deal with the run-around from TV stations”. This is not a Video on Demand platform for Movies and is not trying to pry into an already  saturated market.

“When people want to watch Nollywood films, they know where to go. We are not competing with that. Not at all. Think of us as a blend of BET, MTV, E-ONLINE, NBC and CW Network all rolled into one beautiful pie but the content is 100% African. That is what We have created and we want Africans all over the world to see this as their own medium of expression not just another tv station.”

Let us redefine AFRICA our motherland and show the world who we are as the best continent with the best people.

#AfricaUnite #MonAfrikTV #TheRevolutionIsAboutToGoLive

Link to MON AFRIK TV Teaser:

Instagram: @MonAfrikTV

Twitter: @MonAfrikTV

Facebook: Mon Afrik TV

#TheRevolutionIsAboutToGoLive #MonAfrikTV

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