22 year-old Bride-to-be slams her critics as she prepares to walk down the aisle with her 58-year-old fiancé – even though he has THREE children older than her

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22 year-old Bride-to-be slams her critics as she prepares to walk down the aisle with her 58-year-old fiancé – even though he has THREE children older than her

A bride-to-be says she will slam her critics when she walks down the aisle with her fiancé who is 36 years her senior and has three children older than her, Daily Mail reported.

Bride and 65 hubby

According to the reports, Carly King, 22, is preparing to tie the knot in a traditional high-profile white church wedding to her fiancé 58-year-old Billy Potter next weekend. But their relationship has been dogged by critics and snipers who have hit out at the pair’s big age gap, which also sees Mr Potter have three children, aged 27, 29 and 31, older than Miss King.

Despite the negativity the couple, from Woodbridge in Suffolk, say that they love each other to bits and worship the ground each other walks on.

Miss King admitted: ‘We tried to hide it to start with because of the age gap.

‘He’s got three children and we didn’t want it coming out if it wasn’t going to be serious. ‘But people did find out and they had a lot to say about it. Most of it was negative to be honest. ‘People were saying it would never last, that I was after his money. Just hurtful things. They just weren’t prepared to give us a chance at all.’

Miss King first met her future fiance aged just 18 in November 2011, when she had a problem with her car. She explained: ‘I had just passed my driving test and my car had a dodgy clutch.

My sister knew of Billy and said to take it to him. ‘I said ‘can I trust him though?’ I was a bit worried about it because I didn’t know who he was. ‘She said ‘yes, of course you can’. So I took it round and he looked at the car and I instantly found him quite attractive.

‘But I was a lot bigger then and had big, thick glasses on and was a bit of a mess. So he didn’t think anything of me at all.”

But romance started to smoulder six months later when Miss King was working behind the bar at her local, The Warwick, and had dropped more than two stone to weigh 10-and-a-half stone.

Bride to be

She was wearing contacts ahead of having laser eye surgery when Billy walked in to the pub. ‘I think that then he found me attractive,’ she Carly.

“At the end of my shifts, I would offer to give Billy a lift home a couple of times and that’s how it started. Back then when word started to spread, it was more of a ‘do you want to come to poker with me, do you want to come here with me? It was more of a companionship rather than a relationship. We took it slow.”

Mr King, who’s battling Type 1 diabetes, said: ‘It was at least six months before anything happened between us.’

And the couple who now live together confess that they were not surprised when accusations and bitter barbs started flowing thick and fast.

Miss King explained: ‘We knew we had it coming. That’s why we tried to keep it hidden to start with.

‘There are a lot of judgmental people out there.’

But she was only too happy to say yes when Mr Potter got down on one knee at their favourite restaurant, the Red Lion in Martlesham, near Ipswich, last November to propose.

‘I accepted it, but I knew deep down one day I wanted my dream wedding and in the end it just got more serious and he wanted it to. He loves me a lot.

Bride and husband

‘He finds his emotions hard to talk about but I know that he loves me. We genuinely worship the ground each other walks on.

“We like the same things. I’m very mature mentally and Billy just likes to have fun and we meet in the middle. It is just perfect.

The couple are now getting ready to tie the knot at St Mary’s Parish Church in Woodbridge next Saturday in front of dozens of family and friends. And Carly’s set her heart on starting a family before too long.

Culled from Daily Mail

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