Facebook to Nollywood Star ‘Van Vicker’: We Can’t Verify FB Accounts in W. Africa, So Thieves with Fake FB Accounts Can Continue to Steal from Innocent People

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Facebook to Nollywood Star ‘Van Vicker’: We Can’t Verify FB Accounts in W. Africa, So Thieves with Fake FB Accounts Can Continue to Steal from Innocent People


Ghanaian / Nollywood Star Actor ‘Van Vickerjust like many other Nollywood Celebrities we’ve interacted with in the past are complaining that their fans are being defrauded on Facebook every day by FB impostors, and it  seems as if the social networking giant is not taking this issue seriously at all.

Recently, in a bid to verify his Official Facebook page, Facebook asked him to tender his Passport, which one will safely assume to be the official identification documentation required in order to sufficiently authenticate one’s true account, and dissolve all those numerous imposturous / fake accounts. Well in this case, believe it or not, Van sent in his passport to Facebook, and they responded saying:

“We’re not currently accepting verification requests in your region.”

Here is Vicker’s version of the story:

“Just last week I was told by FB to tender in my passport and or a gov’t issued ID inorder to start the process of getting my FB page van vicker-iam_vanvicker (45k likes) VERIFIED. I sent in my passport and FB replied that I will get an email from them. It’s been more than a week now. I went back to to see if i could restart the process and I see THIS… we’re not currently accepting varification requests in your region. So what HAPPENS NEXT FACEBOOK? People are getting scammed and this? it’s sad as it is that FB can not decipher true accounts/pages no matter how many times you report them. Phew all this is pure crazy. What the heck! #TheVanVickerBrand


We have to agree with Vicker here! Facebook is definitely aware of CRIMINAL and DUBIOUS ‘419’ activities going on with several fake African Celebrity accounts; and for them to COMPLETELY turn their back on this request with absolute NO solution whatsoever is RIDICULOUS, even if it might require the celebrity appearing in person at their local office in order to get verified.

We have received several calls from famed African celebrities on this issue, asking what they can do; even if it means traveling over to get verified; as they are mostly in the United States once or twice a year anyways.

Something has to be done!!

Click below to like this page: #STOP FAKE NOLLYWOOD FACEBOOK PAGES




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