Mercy Aigbe-Gentry Talks About Her Supportive Husband, Motherhood Challenges & More as She & Her Kids Cover New Issue of Motherhood InStyle Mag. Blog

Mercy Aigbe-Gentry Talks About Her Supportive Husband, Motherhood Challenges & More as She & Her Kids Cover New Issue of Motherhood InStyle Mag.


Nollywood actress and fashionista Mercy Aigbe-Gentry and her beautiful kids cover the latest issue of Motherhood InStyle magazine.

In this issue, the actress talked in details about her family including having a husband that supports her as a working mother, motherhood challenges, former marriage, rumors on being a second wife and much more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On getting support from her husband: I’m married to Ashiwaju Olanrewaju Gentry and together we have two beautiful kids. I always tell people that I married my own husband because he has been awesome. He is mature and just a very fantastic person. He is always there for me and supports me all the way. He has actually helped me to achieve my dreams. With his help and God’s, I have been able to do so many things. I’m just blessed. I always say when you see a married woman doing very well that means she has a very supportive husband. Most Nigerian men don’t want their wives to outshine them, maybe it’s ego. I don’t know. They always want you to be dependent on them for everything you want but my husband believes in me and gives me total support. My celebrity status doesn’t even bother him, he just sees me as Mercy.

On the kind of father he is: He is a wonderful dad. I always tell him ‘Look you spoil kids too much!’ I’m the disciplinarian in the home. He’s hardly tough on his kids and doesn’t believe in smacking. He stands up for them when I want to smack them sometimes. He’s just a very fantastic father.

On rumors of her being a second wife: I’m the only wife, one and only. No rival. He has been divorced since. I met him as a divorcee.

On her former marriage: Actually I’ll prefer not to talk about it but looking back, I thank God for where I am today. I would say it’s not that there was something both of us didn’t do right. The only issue we had was his mother, she just didn’t want me to marry her son because I’m not from the Igbo tribe. That was just it. We actually tried to convince her and all that but when it wasn’t working, I just felt I had to leave.


On her growing 14-year-old daughter: There was a day she came back from school and was like ‘Mummy somebody got expelled in my class for giving someone blowjob’ and I just exclaimed ‘Blow what? You know what that is?’ She just laughed and said ‘Mummy, you don’t expect me not to know that.’ You know, that opened another room to educate her. As often as possible I have to talk to her about boys. Teens need sex education. She is growing up so fast, so I need to tell her all she needs and wants to know so she doesn’t get it all mixed up.

On having domestic staff: Ah, it’s God. Only Him can help working mums. I make sure I check whoever I’m employing properly. I do the health check, a little bit of background check to assess the person’s personality and values, and the rest I leave to God. I monitor my domestic staff, even when I’m not around. Mums can’t afford to be lazy about that. I must add that I have a very good support system.

For more on Mercy Aigbe-Gentry’s interview, pick up a copy of Motherhood InStyle Magazine!

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