Watch WizKid’s Acappella at the Industry Nite Houston: “I Came From Nothing to Something.. That Song is too Special..” Blog

Watch WizKid’s Acappella at the Industry Nite Houston: “I Came From Nothing to Something.. That Song is too Special..”

It is safe to say that WizKid is one of the most loved current Nigerian entertainers and one of the best Live-Band performers too. Houston witnessed yet another sold-out, fun-filled and sensational concert as Industry Nite presented WizKid during the peak of the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) week. There were several events going on in Houston at the same time, and it really didn’t stop WizKids fans from turning en masse to watch his performance.
Prior to the day of the show, there were doubts on whether the expected number of fans that WizKid rightfully deserve in Houston will turn up at the event due to the numerous OTC events happening on the same day. We cannot but remember other A-list artists coming to Houston in the past during this same OTC period, and the turn-out was awful. So after this concert, WizKid has turned us here at Golden Icons into a confirmed believer, that his fans would ignore all the FREE Oil and Gas parties in Houston, and pay top dollars to watch him perform.
Wizkid also touched on how he started from nothing to where he is today, as he sang the acappella to one of his hit records. KCEE, the Limpopo / Pull Over crooner also made a surprise guest appearance to WOW the crowd, and it was just a great night, while Emma Nyra also performed on stage with Wiz Kid.. Watch out for more on Wizkid’s performance with KCEE and Emma Nyra coming soon.

Video Highlights by Golden Icons

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WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-125  WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-132 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-145 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-170WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-149 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-166 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-151 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-156 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-161 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-171 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-163  WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-165  WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-169   WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-172 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-164WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-173 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-181 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-249WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-194 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-197 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-204 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-206 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-214 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-216 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-223 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-224 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-225 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-228 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-233 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-234 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-238 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-239 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-240 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-241 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-244 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-247 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-248  WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-251 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-252 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-254 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-298 WizKid-2015_OTC-Houston-Golden-Icons-Pix-299
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