Watch President OBASANJO – On How He Was Detained & Interrogated by Canadian Immigration, because his Nigerian Passport lists ‘Farming’ as his Occupation! Blog

Watch President OBASANJO – On How He Was Detained & Interrogated by Canadian Immigration, because his Nigerian Passport lists ‘Farming’ as his Occupation!

We shared a few days ago, our coverage of the former President Obasanjo condemning the Xenophobia attacks happening in South Africa. Click here if you missed it. Today, we are sharing  a video excerpt from his 1 hour speech during which he shared his experience about being detained and interrogated by the Canadian immigration while visiting his friend in Canada.


A senior statesman but way beyond the typical leader emulates an institution that has commanded respect at all levels, President Obasanjo was in Houston this weekend for less than 24 hours. Standing strong at 78 and definitely set in his ways, OBJ delivered a riveting yet humorous lecture to the Houston community at Texas Southern University (TSU). The stomping ground for many Nigerians since the first wave of Nigerian immigrants entered the city of Houston years ago. And the first generation has followed suit while creating legacies at TSU.

The former President of the Republic of Nigeria made an excellent presentation to a packed student center with dignitaries, ambassadors, students and the community to cheer him on. He touched upon the past, the present and the future of Nigeria and how his support for the new administration is for a better Nigeria.

Although, laughter erupted when he mentioned his former political party, he spoke with a serious tone on some of the activities that lacked morality within their politics. He also spoke on the sacrifices he made for Nigeria that are duly noted and if you are not aware, he will gladly tell you.

Watch Below:

The most impressive factor regarding Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is that he will always give you raw facts whether you like it or not. He has been consistently adamant on the direction Nigeria has to go and the leadership that the nation needs. To lead a country like Nigeria takes more than experience, it takes might and guts. The democracy itself is young but the potential is beyond imaginable. And within 45 minutes, President Obasanjo was able to tell the Houston community how Nigeria can and will move forward.

Stay tuned on Golden Icons for more on his speech!

Photo Highlights:

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Article by:  Bode Ojo of Golden Icons

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