Brother of Man Killed By His Wife Shares the Pain of his Loss.. He was a Pizza Delivery Boy turned Pharmacist, whose Life was Suddenly Snatched by a Woman he loved, But never loved him in Return! Blog

Brother of Man Killed By His Wife Shares the Pain of his Loss.. He was a Pizza Delivery Boy turned Pharmacist, whose Life was Suddenly Snatched by a Woman he loved, But never loved him in Return!

The shocking news of the brutal murder of 37-year-old Adeyinka Adebamiro inside their Delaware home by his 35-year-old Nigerian woman, Temitope Adebamiro, sent dreadful waves through the internet! Click here if you missed it! Initial reports by Washington Post and other media outlets reported that the mother-of-two had committed the heinous crime because her late  husband was allegedly cheating on her with her own sister and their nanny’s daughter.

However, close sources to the deceased have since smashed Temitope’s side of the story and condemned her for tarnishing the guy’s image after killing the gentle soul. One of late Adeyinka’s friend cautioned the public from making false assumptions based on the wife’s story, (click here if you missed it), while another source shed more light on the wife’s lifestyle as a “serial cheater” on SDK blog, who was known for cheating on her late husband with various men.

Adeyinka Adebamiro, who graduated from Temple University is a Pharm.D that has been described by friends and family as a hardworking and loving father/husband, who was also very successful in his career as a pharmacist and a business man.

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Dayo Adebamiro, the brother of late Adeyinka recently took to Facebook to share a tribute to his late brother, while also providing a glimpse of who his late brother that was brutally murdered by a wife whom he loved, but never reciprocated the affection really was:

“The tears that rolls down my face burns as I write this. My heart is filled with sorrow, pain and emptiness. My brother was purposely taken away from us. I will never hear him talk again. I will never see his face again. He will never smile at me again. He left a hole so big only his shoes can fill.

For all who don’t know him, Adeyinka Adebamiro was the STRONG HORSE. He persevered when others quit. Kind when he had every right to be cruel, and forgave when he never should have. He was the bird everybody thought could never fly, but when the phoenix finally flew everyone was admiring his brilliance.

He was a pizza delivery boy, he was a garage parking attendant. He worked two jobs when his was going to college. Growing up life was never easy for him, but he was never the one to complain and never the one to let other people see his pain. He was the STRONG HORSE. He was a pharmacist, and an extremely brilliant successful businessman. Unlike most people, when he became successful, my brother was still grounded to earth and was very acquainted with his roots. He was a father to 2 kids whom he loved as much as he loved his wife.

Till the every end he unconditionally loved the very woman who took his life. For this woman, he would have given her the world if she asked for it. If she wanted more, he would give her the moon. If that wasn’t enough he would get her the stars to make her eyes glitter and sparkle. Yet all these wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more and more and more. She wanted so much more that she finally took his life. If there is really a God in heaven, I am asking You why did You let this happen. Why do good people have to die and evil people live? This woman is pure evil.

Adeyinka Adebamiro is survived by two lovely children, two siblings, a father and a mother all of who miss him dearly.”

May Adeyinka Adebamiro’s soul rest in perfect peace, and may God give the family he left behind the fortitude to bear the loss!

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