At the Royal 40th Birthday Bash of Carli in Houston, Texas Blog

At the Royal 40th Birthday Bash of Carli in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas – On Saturday, April 11, several noticeable Nigerian Houston pioneers joined Carlie Vintage to witness the one-of-a-kind Black and Gold royal birthday celebration for the fashionista.  According to the planner ‘Mr Segun Gele of BRIELLAS’ SIGNATURE EVENT, here is how it all started.

Barely four weeks to Carli’s Birthday, Segun got a call from the Carlie’s hubby ‘Benjamin’ to help in putting together a befitting 40th birthday for his beautiful wife. The planning started in full swing shortly after the call and he got a color swatch to work with and was given a free hand to create an awesome party venue for her pulling in all her colors Wine, Black, Gold and Cream but with specific instructions: “I DON’T WANT SILVER.” 

Immediately the Gele Maestro contacted Ayo Okopie of T’s4g Event Rental & Design to see what Linen options she had available, a quick mockup of different table setup looks was done, sent to Carli who picked her best color combination.

Floor plan was drawn and shown to the celebrant’s husband ‘Benjamin’ in 3D which he loved and approved.

Check Out the Video Highlight

According to Segun, making the choice for the center pieces played a tough trick on him as he did “NOT” want it to look too much like a wedding but a simple and classy fit for “A DIVA” at 40

Carlie-at-40-6 Carlie-at-40-7 Carlie-at-40-8 Carlie-at-40-100Carlie-at-40-102Carlie-at-40-10

Following the Mickey Mouse Table setup Style with Black Custom pin-tuck Table cloth, Gold Charger Plates with Black Napkins, surrounded with gold vitive candle holders and a boxed crystal Table top candle stand all around the Ballroom.

The setup can’t be complete without The Wall of Frames which Displayed Carli’s fashion Sense and Style, The Gold and Wine Exotic drapery created a grand entry walk way for all guests which also created a grand entry way for the Celebrant as she makes her entrances into the Ballroom.


The Concept of the Cake was Carli’s Sole Idea, as a Book lover she wanted something that represents what she loves “Reading” and Fashion Books are her favorite Books, and I had no other person to contact but Ms. Ehi as i refer to her, gave her the creative Idea for the Cake and before we knew it, the cake came to life which drew a lot of attention as it sat in the middle of the dance floor.


The event was hosted at Ayva Center and Ann of Ayva was so kind enough to allow the setting up of the tables and chairs from Wednesday and by Friday almost everything was completely done. Paying attention to Detail was key, as Segun wanted to showcase Carli’s passion for fashion and creative style starting with the Custom Black Carpet and Backdrop Designed by Bruce Bell of BruceBell media which set the tone as you make your way into the foyer of Ayva Center. The creation of a one of a kind Table Number placement piece using her favorite Brand Designer and Logo as a focal point on the Royal family Table draped in Gold Sequence Cord Lace fabric with the Glass Beaded Charger plates, Gold Candle pillars stand with custom made designed candle embellished with gold lace, with an adjourning Siblings table draped in Black Pin-tuck Table cloth , Crystal Chandelier centerpieces, with Glass beaded charger, wine napkins and custom made event program surrounded with Gold Votive candles.



Carlie-at-40-1 Carlie-at-40-13 Carlie-at-40-14 Carlie-at-40-15  Carlie-at-40-17  Carlie-at-40-19 Carlie-at-40-20  Carlie-at-40-22 Carlie-at-40-23 Carlie-at-40-25 Carlie-at-40-26 Carlie-at-40-28 Carlie-at-40-29 Carlie-at-40-30 Carlie-at-40-31 Carlie-at-40-32 Carlie-at-40-33 Carlie-at-40-34 Carlie-at-40-35 Carlie-at-40-36 Carlie-at-40-37 Carlie-at-40-38 Carlie-at-40-39 Carlie-at-40-40 Carlie-at-40-41 Carlie-at-40-42 Carlie-at-40-43 Carlie-at-40-44 Carlie-at-40-45  Carlie-at-40-47 Carlie-at-40-48 Carlie-at-40-49 Carlie-at-40-50       Carlie-at-40-106 Carlie-at-40-107 Carlie-at-40-108 Carlie-at-40-109  Carlie-at-40-111 Carlie-at-40-112 Carlie-at-40-115 Carlie-at-40-118 Carlie-at-40-119 Carlie-at-40-120 Carlie-at-40-121 Carlie-at-40-122 Carlie-at-40-123 Carlie-at-40-124 Carlie-at-40-125 Carlie-at-40-126 Carlie-at-40-127 Carlie-at-40-128 Carlie-at-40-129 Carlie-at-40-130 Carlie-at-40-131 Carlie-at-40-132 Carlie-at-40-133 Carlie-at-40-134 Carlie-at-40-135 Carlie-at-40-136 Carlie-at-40-137 Carlie-at-40-138 Carlie-at-40-139 Ca
lie-at-40-140 Carlie-at-40-141 Carlie-at-40-143 Carlie-at-40-144 Carlie-at-40-145 Carlie-at-40-146 Carlie-at-40-147 Carlie-at-40-151 Carlie-at-40-156 Carlie-at-40-157 Carlie-at-40-160 Carlie-at-40-161 Carlie-at-40-162 Carlie-at-40-164 Carlie-at-40-166 Carlie-at-40-168 Carlie-at-40-170 Carlie-at-40-171 Carlie-at-40-173 Carlie-at-40-176 Carlie-at-40-178 Carlie-at-40-179 Carlie-at-40-182 Carlie-at-40-183 Carlie-at-40-184 Carlie-at-40-185 Carlie-at-40-187 Carlie-at-40-190 Carlie-at-40-191 Carlie-at-40-193 Carlie-at-40-194  Carlie-at-40-196 Carlie-at-40-197 Carlie-at-40-198 Carlie-at-40-199 Carlie-at-40-200 Carlie-at-40-201 Carlie-at-40-202 Carlie-at-40-203 Carlie-at-40-204 Carlie-at-40-205 Carlie-at-40-206 Carlie-at-40-207 Carlie-at-40-208 Carlie-at-40-209 Carlie-at-40-210 Carlie-at-40-211 Carlie-at-40-212 Carlie-at-40-213 Carlie-at-40-214 Carlie-at-40-215 Carlie-at-40-216 Carlie-at-40-217 Carlie-at-40-218 Carlie-at-40-219 Carlie-at-40-220 Carlie-at-40-221 Carlie-at-40-222 Carlie-at-40-223 Carlie-at-40-225 Carlie-at-40-226 Carlie-at-40-227 Carlie-at-40-228 Carlie-at-40-229 Carlie-at-40-230 Carlie-at-40-231 Carlie-at-40-232 Carlie-at-40-233 Carlie-at-40-234 Carlie-at-40-235 Carlie-at-40-236 Carlie-at-40-237 Carlie-at-40-238 Carlie-at-40-239 Carlie-at-40-240 Carlie-at-40-241 Carlie-at-40-242 Carlie-at-40-243 Carlie-at-40-244 Carlie-at-40-245 Carlie-at-40-246 Carlie-at-40-247 Carlie-at-40-248 Carlie-at-40-249 Carlie-at-40-250 Carlie-at-40-251 Carlie-at-40-252 Carlie-at-40-253 Carlie-at-40-254 Carlie-at-40-255 Carlie-at-40-256 Carlie-at-40-257 Carlie-at-40-258 Carlie-at-40-259 Carlie-at-40-260 Carlie-at-40-261 Carlie-at-40-262 Carlie-at-40-263 Carlie-at-40-264 Carlie-at-40-265 Carlie-at-40-266 Carlie-at-40-267 Carlie-at-40-268 Carlie-at-40-269 Carlie-at-40-270 Carlie-at-40-271 Carlie-at-40-272 Carlie-at-40-273 Carlie-at-40-274 Carlie-at-40-275 Carlie-at-40-276 Carlie-at-40-277 Carlie-at-40-278 Carlie-at-40-279 Carlie-at-40-280 Carlie-at-40-281 Carlie-at-40-282 Carlie-at-40-283 Carlie-at-40-284 Carlie-at-40-285 Carlie-at-40-286 Carlie-at-40-287 Carlie-at-40-288 Carlie-at-40-289 Carlie-at-40-290 Carlie-at-40-291 Carlie-at-40-292 Carlie-at-40-293 Carlie-at-40-294 Carlie-at-40-295 Carlie-at-40-296 Carlie-at-40-297 Carlie-at-40-298 Carlie-at-40-299   Carlie-at-40-302 Carlie-at-40-303 Carlie-at-40-304 Carlie-at-40-305 Carlie-at-40-306 Carlie-at-40-307 Carlie-at-40-308 Carlie-at-40-309 Carlie-at-40-310 Carlie-at-40-311 Carlie-at-40-312 Carlie-at-40-313 Carlie-at-40-314 Carlie-at-40-315 Carlie-at-40-316 Carlie-at-40-317 Carlie-at-40-318 Carlie-at-40-319 Carlie-at-40-320 Carlie-at-40-321 Carlie-at-40-322 Carlie-at-40-323 Carlie-at-40-324

I can’t but mention the Life Jazz Band who performed above expectation with Shola Iyiola on Sax, Abayomi Oluwole and  Laja Gbadegeshin on Lead/ Rhythm Guiter, Sam on Key Board Joe on Drums with the best Songstress EVER Mi’chel Rose on the Mic. These people tooe the event to a totally different level with the rendition played and seductive song selections performed not leaving out DJ SM95 on the Turn Table holding down the groove all night. Carli wouldn’t have had an awesome event without the experts on gro

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