Hollywood-based Nigerian Filmmaker Pascal Atuma says He Will Vote for Gen. Buhari Over Pres. Jonathan as Nigeria’s Next President if Given a Choice

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Hollywood-based Nigerian Filmmaker Pascal Atuma says He Will Vote for Gen. Buhari Over Pres. Jonathan as Nigeria’s Next President if Given a Choice


Nigerian Hollywood Based Filmmaker Pascal Atuma recently shared on Facebook his preference for Nigerian’s next President. He stated that he will choose Gen. Muhammadu Buhari over the current President, Goodluck Jonathan saying: “If I have to choose between former President Buhari and President Jonathan Goodluck, and they are the only options available as it stands, I will vote for Buhari”

He went on to say:

“I pray for a drastic change in Nigeria!!! A revolution/change that will bring in a system of Govt that will favor the masses, violent or peaceful, it doesn’t matter, but what I know deep down for sure is that we need a new system of Government in place, we need a REVOLUTION, not the bullshit, bullcrap fake staged election coming up. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

A lot of people are scared of violence, I want them to understand that sometimes VIOLENCE BRINGS CLEANSING AND CONFLICT BRINGS DEVELOPMENT- Nigeria is overdue for one, we need CLEANSING, We need DEVELOPMENT and we definitely do need a new system of Govt in place, God is my witness!!!

You can try to kill me for saying the truth, but understand that if you kill me, you only killed one person WHO IS NOT SCARED OF DEATH, I’m an orphan and I definitely don’t give a f..k about death, I am ready for it anytime it comes, from you, your group or whatever or wherever, I don’t care, death is death, you kill me you still have millions of people to answer to, and also God and don’t forget, death is inevitable, it is also waiting for you, yes , it is for everyone!!! Let’s cut the bullshit out and face reality…NIGERIA NEEDS A REVOLUTION, CLEANSING AND A NEW SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT, NEITHER BUHARI NOR JONATHAN IS QUALIFIED TO LEAD US, BUT IF I HAVE TO CHOSE AT GUN POINT, I WILL CHOSE BUHARI!! The military boys do eat money, but they are not greedy to a fault, the Nigerian civilians are mentally sick with greed, they want it ALLLLLLL, if possible they will transfer the central bank to their garage or bedroom!!! In American English, I say “F**K Y’ALL, YOU ARE JUST A BUNCH OF LUNATICS AND GREEDY FOOLS TRAINED TO EMBEZZLE MONEY, YOU ARE NOT FIT TO LEAD ANY NATION AND NIGERIA IS NOT READY YET AND RIPE FOR DEMOCRACY, I WANT THE MILITARY BOYS TO COME BACK IN POWER, THEY ARE THE BEST OPTION FOR NIGERIA AND WHAT NIGERIA NEEDS RIGHT NOW, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME”. You know the truth, you know the truth, may God almighty forgive all of you for all the innocent lives lost because of your greed and selfishness – I will keep praying for NIGERIA!! If we can’t have a new group of fresh young military boys to lead the country, please let’s have BUHARI.


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