Video: Amber Rose reveals she does not hate the Kardashians despite the Twitter Feud | Plans on Starting a ‘Slutwalk’ Blog

Video: Amber Rose reveals she does not hate the Kardashians despite the Twitter Feud | Plans on Starting a ‘Slutwalk’


Amber Rose in a recent exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealed that she doesn’t hate the Kardashians, although her Twitter beef with Khloe and Kylie Jenner probably did not come off that way. “I don’t hate Khloé. I don’t hate her,” Rose told host Brooke Anderson.

She also announced that she is planning to start her own version of the “Slutwalk,” which originated in 2011 in Toronto as a response to a police officer’s suggestion that ”women should avoid dressing like sluts” as a precaution to avoiding being sexual assaulted.

Back to her Twitter feud with Khloe Kardashian, which started when Rose made a comment about 17-year-old Kylie Jenner’s inappropriate relationship with rapper Tyga, who is 25, Rose admitted during the interview that the way she approached the subject was probably not the best one, but it was not said with a bad intent:

”Me being a dancer at such a young age,” said Rose, who began stripping at 15 to help support her family, “dealing with older men gave me the humility and knowledge to speak on such a subject.” She then continued “I can understand why it came across the wrong way to her.”

She also addressed Kanye West’s comments on a recent radio interview where he said that he had to “shower 30 times” after breaking up with Rose, before he could move on with current wife Kim Kardashian. Click here if you missed it!

”We were happy when we were together and now all of a sudden I’m getting slut shamed because we’re not together anymore,” said Rose. “I feel like women deal with that constantly.”

Rose has however decided to stay positive despite all these experiences as she is currently writing a book entitled How to Be a Bad Bitch, and has plans to hold an “Amber Rose Slutwalk” in Los Angeles this year, which she hopes to expand to the rest of the country next year. As a good will gesture, Rose said she is hoping the Kardashians will join her on the L.A. Slutwalk.

”The only reason why these girls have careers is because their older sister had a little fun on tape,” Rose said candidly.”I never ever hated on that, I’m all for a woman making something out of nothing. I love that.” Spoken like a true badass.

Watch the Video Interview below:

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