Dakore Egbuson-Akande Speaks About How She Balances Work & Family Including How She Got Her Dude!

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Dakore Egbuson-Akande Speaks About How She Balances Work & Family Including How She Got Her Dude!

Dakore Egbuson-Akande is definitely a favorite Nigerian celebrity for her great acting prowess (before she got off-screens), the stylish way she carries herself and the way she exhumes confidence in all she does. This beautiful lady is married to Olumide Akande, son of Nigerian Billionaire, Chief Harry Akande and a mother of two lovely girls. Her popular dreadlocks looks is also a memorable one that was greatly loved by her fans. Although, she has been off the screens for some time, anytime she steps out publicly, she’s always met with praises and adoration.


In a recent interview with Punch, Dakore who is currently a brand ambassador for a conglomerate and a few non-profit organisations talked about what she’s been up to since taking a leave from casting in Nollywood movies.

On what she’s been up to lately:

“Yes, I have been off the screen for a few years now, but I am gradually working my way back. It is not easy to be away from work and everybody knows; but when you are back to work, it is still hard for everyone to know. That is partly my fault because I have not granted interviews- I am very wary of the press and my words have been taken out of context. I have been busy working on various things including working with the United Nations,” she says.

On how she balances work and the challenging role of taking care of her family:

“It is extremely difficult, I do not know how women make it happen but somehow we make it happen. I just take it one day at a time and try not to be too stressed. I learnt to plan ahead and that is the only way. I have a great support network in my nanny, mum and my husband because sometimes when I am not present with the kids, I have to make sure there is someone who is competent to do that. It is tough because when I am out all day and I return home, I still have to be a mum and a wife. I am thankful that there is more meaning to my life as opposed to when I was single and in the movies.”

On how she met her husband, Olumide Akande:

“We met in Lagos. I just relocated from London and he just returned from Chicago. We got talking because he wanted me to present a television show. I did not get the job but I did get the dude. It was work-related but we found out we connected. We were friends for a while before we started dating. Then, I was not out for a date. I liked him for his confidence and he gave me my space too. He was a real gentleman and well-spoken. When it was time for the engagement, I knew it would happen, but I did not know when. I knew what it was like to make a mistake because my parents were not together and I needed to be sure. I was career driven but not driven about marriage.


On how her husband proposed to her:

“The proposal was really nice. He got down on his knees and proposed and people were emotional. Shortly after that, we got married. We had Ayomide, our first daughter, who is now three, and Dasola, who is 10 months old now.”

On whether her husband is camera-shy since he hardly speaks to the press:

“He is a little more reserved than I am and he is confident in himself. Though he understands the nature of my job, he does not feel threatened by my exposure. However, I have learnt to be more inclusive because I was in the klieglight alone. Now, I introduce him as my husband when we go out together. We have a three-way conversation and I learnt that by being with him and he also learnt that he has to step aside sometimes. He understands me, we try to stay mindful of each other and support each other. I appreciate that a lot.”


On several rumors that came forth with her marriage and how she handled them:

“They peddled all sorts of stories-His parents did not like me and that I quit acting. But it’s not possible that I would be married if my father-in-law did not like me. I was not even 40 years old yet and people started calling me an ex-actress. It was hard for me! But I decided to live my life and I stopped paying attention to maintain my sanity. How could anyone think I would quit my job because I got married? They said this because I married into a wealthy family, but I still have my purpose and goals that I want to achieve.”

On her take on what the prerequisites for a successful marriage are:

“Celebrity marriages are not different. The only reason is that people are looking at you. The challenges are the same but are amplified in celebrity marriages. That puts a lot of pressure on the union. The first thing is to marry your friend. You have to marry for the right reason. I married for love; someone I am totally in awe of and respect. It is difficult, but when you have God, there is a balance that comes with it. It is fun and challenging. It is easy to get frustrated but people need to remember their vows.”

On addressing the fact that she let go of her dreadlocks because of marriage:

“I made up my mind that I wanted to wear dreadlocks, and when I was tired of it, I decided to cut it. My husband did not want me to cut my hair; he wanted our children to meet me with the hair. I dance to the beat of my own drum and my path is different from every other person’s. I have my own mind; if I let people shape my opinions of myself, I will not be authentic to myself.”


On her definition of fashion and stylish dressing:

“comfortable, tasteful, modern, chic, classy and elegant. I dress the way I want to be addressed. I have a high belief in myself and I portray this everywhere I go. People have described my style as bohemian, which I agree; but now I am a little older and wiser. I like Nigerian designs and I am proud that a lot are coming up. My mood and feelings also determine the way I dress. I might feel flirty and decide to dress in a flirtatious way, or if I am doing mum runs, I wear jeans, a tank top and blazer.

On her most expensive fashion accessory:

“It has to be jewelry because I spend a bit on that. Also, I love shoes and purses. You can build your wardrobe when you have the right pair of shoes,” she says.

On how she relaxes after a stressful day:

“Sometimes, we go out to dinner or have lunch outside after church. We also go to the beach,” she adds. To maintain her svelte shape, this is what she does: “I work out a bit; I had to tone it down because I have achieved the weight I want, especially after the babies. I have done yoga on and off for about 10 years. My mum used to have a yoga book. I did more of that and martial arts when I went to London. Also, I set out not to look like someone who has two children.”


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