Bimbo Olutimehin weds Namesake, Bimbo! Check Out the Colorful Wedding Reception Photos Blog

Bimbo Olutimehin weds Namesake, Bimbo! Check Out the Colorful Wedding Reception Photos

Abimbola Olutimehin and Abimbola (Stephen) Agbolabori had their wedding celebration in a grand style, which took place on December 20 & 21, 2014. The white wedding ceremony was held at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Dominion Chapel Branch in Stafford Texas, while the invite-only reception was also held at the same location, the newly completed and tastefully-designed Light House Hall of RCCG Dominion Chapel. The bride is the daughter of prominent, well-respected Houston-based Medical Doctor parents, Dr. Babajide and Dr. (Mrs) Omobolaji Olutimehin.

The event was planned by Shade of ‘A Conceal Affair‘ who did a fantastic job in coordinating and planning the entire event, with perfectly selected fresh flowers and accents to complement the classy venue used for the reception.

The couple’s beautiful love story, which started from sending a simple congratulatory message on Facebook to a handsome man who had recently graduated from college definitely shows the enabling effect of technology and social media on modern day romantic relationships. To read more about the amazing love story, check out their wedding website here.

Check out the lovely wedding reception pictures below:

Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-26Bride’s Parent – Dr. Babajide and Dr. (Mrs) Omobolaji OlutimehinBrides-Parent-Olut-1Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-32 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-33 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-34 Groom’s ParentBunmi-Weds-Bunmi-35 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-36Brides-Parent-Olut-2Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-37 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-38 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-45


Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-50 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-51

Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-59 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-64 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-65  Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-67 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-68 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-1 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-21 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-22 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-23


Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-2 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-3 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-4 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-5 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-7 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-9 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-11 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-12  Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-16 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-17 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-18 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-19 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-20 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-21 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-22 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-53



Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-55 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-56 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-57 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-58

Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-2 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-3 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-4 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-5 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-6 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-7 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-8 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-9 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-10 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-11 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-12 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-13 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-14 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-15 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-16 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-17 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-18 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-19 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-B2-20

Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-1 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-6 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-8 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-10 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-14 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-15 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-23 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-24 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-25 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-27 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-28 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-29 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-30 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-39 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-40 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-41


Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-43 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-44

Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-46 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-47 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-49 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-60 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-61 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-62 Bunmi-Weds-Bunmi-63

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