2014 GIAMA Red Carpet Interview Highlights and Photos

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2014 GIAMA Red Carpet Interview Highlights and Photos

The GIAMA Red Carpet event was hosted by Golden Icons Emma Emerson and full of glitz, glam and fun, and every star and guest came expectant to have a great time at the event. It was more than just a night of entertainment but a night of purpose, with the goal of celebrating the African Film industry. Follow the glitz and glam right here on the red carpet and check out pictures below.

2014 Red Carpet Part 1 of 2

2014 Red Carpet Part 2 of 2

GIAMA is proudly supported by Arik Airlines, BellaNaija, Dure Events, SegunGele, Stafford Dialysis, Total Body Nurture, Moneygram, Trinity African Restaurant, NotjustOk, PSI, Nollywood Access, Nollywood View, Franco Records, Big A Entertainment, Next Media Concept, IrokoTV, City People, Naijapals, Jaguda, Sturvs, Bashman Entertainment, EmagineThat Entertainment, Pelican Entertainment, Simplicated, Afrique Entertainment, Shekpe Knights Entertainment, Victory Media Production etc.

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