What are the Dos & Don’ts of Men’s Fashion? Read Lagos Style Enthusiast Denola Grey’s Guide

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What are the Dos & Don’ts of Men’s Fashion? Read Lagos Style Enthusiast Denola Grey’s Guide

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Denola Adepetum is best at his fashion sense. He always puts his best foot forward. He not only knows dressing fashionably but also fashionably well.

He has recently launched his blog DenolaGrey.com. Today he is going to guide male fashion lovers (and females who would love to see their men dress a little more fashionably) on some tips when it comes to menswear.

Nigerian men like to be as stylish as they can in the least ‘look-at- me ‘ way possible. though everyone needs a little stimulant or in this case; advice, as some cannot easily express themselves with clothing as perfectly as others.

Here are a few things I can humbly suggest that we can take into contemplation when dressing up, or shopping.

1. Bright Colors for Darker Skin Tones

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Try and stay away from dark , dull colors like grey or coffee brown. Nobody likes an overly striking ‘peacock,’ but a little color never hurt nobody. Guys, mint, pale pink, light blue and light purple (lilac) are your friends. Black is always a safe option.

2. Say No To Unfortunate Pants

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“U.P”s as I like to call them. I know for a fact that one thing girls look at is how well guys’ clothes fit. I am not a voltron for the ‘skinny trousers agenda’ but I do agree that well tailored pants, be it jeans or smart trousers’ go a long way in defining the line between ‘suave gentleman’ and ‘clumsy unkempt fellow’.

3. Running Shoes and Jeans DO NOT Equate

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Just because some of us may be dads, doesn’t mean we have to adhere to the overly frumpy dress code. Vans and converses are acceptable with jeans. Keep the running shoes for your #fitfam needs.

4. The “I-Swear Shoe”

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This is a sworn enemy. Run away from this, your shoes should not double up as fishing hooks. Opt for better fitting narrow toe oxfords or even monk straps.

5. White Shirt Galore

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It’s a general staple. Have at least five crisp, quality-fabric , white shirts in your wardrobe, they go with anything and automatically make you look like you have your life together. You’re welcome!



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Find a haircut and barber that suits you perfectly and get it tamed once a week. It takes 20 minutes out of your day and can create positive lasting first impressions.

You have the right to personal style too. The girls don’t have to get all the applause.


Watch Denola’s Introduction video!


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