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G.I Highly Recommended Flick

Uche Jombo Studios had previously released 2 movies “Nollywood Hustlers”, and “Holding Hope”, but so far, nothing that we have seen thus far compares with this latest movie ‘Damage Movie’, which is still undergoing post-production.

It was just a few days ago, Golden Icons received a preview copy (rough cut) of the film in the mail from the production company. As soon as we finished watching this rough cut, we immediately placed a phone call to the executive producer/actor Uche Jombo, just to have a few words with her and discuss the background and inspiration for this stunning Hollywood drama style flick.  Her response: “I just got to a point that I wanted to do an advocacy project that will stand out and I initially had three stories in mind, and was going to make short films for festivals, and then I later realized they all had something in common, which was the “Self Damage” factor, and I knew it will fly for one site hosting.

The storyline of this movie captures the core domino effect of parental violence in a family, and the psychological effect it could have on the kids. In this movie, a word like “extreme” is a word to describe their love and fights, which also reflects on the behavior of their kids.  And, yes, what about the kids? Only *Damage* can answer.

Damage Movie Trailer

The movie is scheduled to be premiered at Silverbird in Lagos on the 31st of July, and from the 26th through 29th, it will be premiered in the UK. USA premiere is scheduled for  Sept/Oct and Canada (black history) Feb 2012.

For more information, please log onto: http://damagemovie.com

The Making of Damage Movie

The sponsors & partners for this Damage Movie includes Glo, Wow, Royal Arts Academy, Golden Icons,Tetrazinni, Yoyo Bitters!


Damage deals with the issue of domestic violence and the psychological effect it could have especially on the children. A man and his wife love each other immensely yet their day to day life can only be described as a ‘cat and mouse’ situation as they fight violently almost on a daily basis.


‘My Life, My Damage’ deals with the consequences of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. A young lady who lives a reckless life abroad as a drug addict is given a rude shock when she discovers that she’s HIV positive and now has to seek redemption for herself.


‘My Country, Their Damage’ deals with the issue of human trafficking. A young and naive village girl has her dreams come true when an American returnee asks for her hand in marriage. With promises to take her abroad once she’s done with her education, the girl couldn’t have asked for a better future. But alas on getting there, she realizes that all that glitters isn’t exactly gold.

Damage is set to hit the theatres and cinemas in July. Lagos premiere: first week of July 2011; and would be premiered in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom thereafter, so watch out for more information about the future premieres on goldenicons.com.

For more information, please log onto: http://damagemovie.com

Behind the Scenes

Photo by Seyiturbo for Golden Icons.

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