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Gladys & Michael’s Love Tale

He who finds a wife, finds a good thing – how much more can one summarize the joy Michael Awosemo experienced by finding his bride, Gladys Adeleke. Naturally, one will say Michael met Gladys by a stroke of chance; however, the workings of destiny had alternate plans for this unplanned meeting, and oblivion to all, this coincidental meeting was soon going to lead to a consummation of love that will eventually lead to the altar.

Michael first set his eyes on Gladys on a sunny and fateful afternoon, when a family friend of his had stopped by at his place to drop off a CD on her way back from school. Being the gentleman Michael is, he decided to see his family friend off to the car and unbeknownst to him, a damsel that was soon going to be his wife was sitting in the car, waiting for her friend who she usually carpools with when going to school.

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On setting his eyes on this beauty sitting in the passenger seat of Michael’s family friend’s car, Michael immediately knew he had to see this pretty young lady again. He said hello to her, and she responded with the same greeting, and that ended the first meeting. After they left, Michael called his family friend to inquire about the lady he spotted in her car and ask for her phone number. His family friend told Michael that getting to talk to her friend, Gladys, was going to be a Hercules task, but Michael was not only persuasive in getting Gladys number, he was also determined to have Gladys listen to his vibes at least. Eventually, he got her number, and when he called Gladys, she was initially furious, because her friend had given someone else her number. But, Michael apologized on her behalf and explained that he was the one that kept pestering her about the number.  Michael made several other calls, but Gladys proved very hard to get, as she will not return any of Michael’s calls and text messages, and actually told him point blank that she is too busy to engage in any conversation whenever she manages to pick up the phone.

Months went by, and Michael was still unable to gain grounds with this lady his heart really desired. So, Michael continued to persevere, and decided to re-strategize by talking to Gladys’s friend, who tried explaining to her the sincere intentions of Michael. Michael’s persevering nature, which does not give up easily or at all for something he really wants, finally yielded a fruitful result. Sometimes around the Christmas period in 2004, Gladys eventually gave Michael a listening ear. She picked up Michael’s call, and before she could say anything, Michael said he was just calling to wish her a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Michael also called again around New Year and Gladys decided to pay a little more attention to him, and give him an opportunity to express his intentions. At that point, Michael expressed his desire for both of them to spend the rest of their lives together, and Gladys told him she needed time to pray and think about it, thinking that would keep him away from her. However, Michael never stopped calling to check up on her and the phone conversations which started off as a few minutes of courtesy calls led to hours over the night and Michael would talk to Gladys about God, the Bible, his family, friends, and their future.

The first official date was made on Michael’s birthday. Soon after the memorial birthday event/date, an unexplainable affection towards Michael grew in Gladys heart, and it turned out that she almost could not do without calling Michael, even for an hour. Gladys got rid of all prospective male friends, in order to elevate Michael to that top position in her life, to become her number one man – and stood firmly devoted to her new love, her best friend, and her future husband. When Gladys asked Michael if he had prayed about his intentions, he replied and said, “If I hadn’t prayed about it I wouldn’t come up to you in the very first place.” Gladys prayed about it and when she gave Michael the answer he waited for months to hear, his heart was filled with great joy and he said “wow, it took you 6 months to finally give me an answer and he said well, it was worth waiting for”.

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This couple dated for six years, their love grew deeper with each passing day, and they never ceased to thank God for bringing both of them together. Both Michael and Gladys are well read, Michael is a Computer Information Systems graduate, who is working on his Masters in IT Project Management, while Gladys Awosemo is a Kinesiology graduate, who is also currently working on her masters in Physical Therapy.

The engagement and wedding ceremony was very nice and colorful, and at the wedding ceremony reception, the couple had to turn off the lights by midnight, as their friends and well wishers were just ready to continue celebrating with them like you’ve never seen before. They had to continue the celebration at another venue till dawn. To God be the glory, the love that was kindled over six years ago, has never faded and the fire keeps burning.

Golden Icons would like to use this opportunity to wish Gladys and Michael a blissful and enjoyable marriage. We commit your marriage into the loving hands of our Almighty God, and once again, we wish you a wonderful and blessed married life.


Article by Bode Ojo of Golden Icons

Photo Credit: Raheem of RHPhotoarts, a goldenicons contributor.



















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