A basketball Star in China, Tha Sho

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A basketball Star in China, Tha Sho

Written by: Linda Anukwuem

Bred in Houston, Texas, but culturally rooted in the city of Alexandria, LA. Myron “Tha Sho” Allen has groomed his game to make a presence on the courts in China. The minute he steps on the court, rest assured, you will be entertained wondering what will he possibly do next. Saying you will be entertained while watching him play would be an understatement. Although he stands at 5’11 he can leap out the gym with the horns on his back.

The one on one challenge he seeks allowing for the display of his man to man skills is only a small segment of his game. Gracefully, he successfully maneuvers around defenders with a fierceness that will leave the crowd in awe. The satisfaction is untouchable. A replay would rob his maneuvers of the justice that is displayed in the originality of the play.

His has quickness with the round ball that stays with him at a pace that he only has control of. He is fascinated with the opportunity to secure points on the board but with a purpose to make a presence on the court, that is undeniably a show! One cannot fathom that he may indeed be graced with the name “THA SHO” for his athleticism too not only show but to show out! Believe it or not, you will want an encore in order to continuously be a part of the action he creates.  Myron has the ability to single handily turn a game around in a matter of minutes. With the urgency to win and a willingness to define what it takes to be in control when pressure is at its climax, Myron is an all around player.

The road taken, in no way, has been a smooth ride. By not giving the right level of focus to the classroom while in High school, he was forced to delay the opportunity of fulfilling a college basketball career at a major NCAA university. However, he was able to make a presence at Baytown Lee College before heading to North Dakota. Not even long enough to get comfortable; Myron became ineligible to participate in collegiate athletics for good. Being released from the University of North Dakota was a defining moment in his collegiate career.  He left North Dakota with a sense of grief, but he left on good academic standing that proved with self-determination, you could overcome any obstacle that has been placed before you.

His journey to the far east filled with memorable experiences that have brought him to this point in his own life. However, those experiences did not come without struggle and hard work.  He has not always enjoyed the fruits of his labor. In the early part of his professional career, he took on jobs where he received little or no money. He chose to endure and face those obstacles and in the end, he found favor. We have all experienced it on some level. His story is your story.

In high school, he was overshadowed due to being vertically challenged, however, he did not lack of talent.  Game is what he had and what he was about.

The caliber of athleticism he displays shows his heart is in it and his love for the game is unending. More than just a go-getter, he also has a great sense of humility. Despite being overshadowed by many, in actuality, he is the symbol of a “thoroughbred”. He made a goal for himself and pursued it with heart and a level of passion. That is indescribable to most.

Patience truly is a virtue. When dealt with unending challenges early in his career, he perfected his craft. He pushed through the tough times and overcame discouragement through focus. Focus on a singular goal; being the best he could. Focus was what he had but perseverance is what got him through. He has evolved into a young man who has the potential to do even greater things. He carries the quality of a leader. When asked, has he made it, he refutes the thought of the idea. “No I have not made it, because I’m always searching for more. Many people who are making a million think they have made it but they have not, because they fall off quickly.” Tha Sho is still hungry in the game and has never been as eager as he is now.



Photo Credit: Rhphotoarts.com

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